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Why am I getting a warning message everytime I try to access my store?



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    Ecomz Support Team ecomz Staff

    Hello Liza & Juliana! 👋
    Welcome to Ecomz Community! 😊

    First of all, allow me to assure you that your stores are absolutely safe and that the privacy and security of our clients is our #1 priority at ecomz.

    The message you are seeing is an automated message from your browser since you have shifted to a custom domain and haven’t issued an SSL certificate for your domains. Please keep in mind that when using the original domain, ***, ecomz provides you with an SSL certificate for free; however, since you are free to purchase a custom domain from any provider and use it, it is advised that you purchase an SSL certificate for this domain from ecomz for encryption purposes.

    Again, no worries at all, your websites are absolutely safe and secure, you may click on “Continue to ****.com” and you will be able to access your websites 😄

    Hope this helps! 😉

    Ecomz Support | All the help you need!

  • Juliana Yehya

    Exactly!!! I have been facing the same problem! I thought my website was secure then all of a sudden I see a message that attackers are trying to steal info! 😞😞

  • Liza

    Okay how do I purchase an SSL certificate?

  • Ecomz Support Team ecomz Staff

    Hello Liza! 👋

    All you need to do is:

    1. Head to My Store > Domains
    2. Click on Request SSL Certificate

    You can also reach out to our team on and they will be in touch with you to help you with that.

    Hope this helps! 😉

    Ecomz Support | All the help you need!


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