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What can I do about the store’s loading speed?



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    Ecomz Support Team ecomz Staff

    Hello Gaelle👋!
    Welcome to Ecomz Community! 😊

    We’re happy to have you here!
    We all know how important it is to provide the best experience for your customers and that’s exactly what our team works on around the clock! In case the website is slowly loading on your customer’s end, I would suggest you have them check their connection as it is the most common cause, they may try using a different network or a different browser (Google Chrome, Safari,etc…) and all should be running smoothly. 😉😉

    Hope this helps! 😉

    Ecomz Support | All the help you need!

  • Gaelle Zaghlol

    I told my customer to use another network and it worked fine, thanks for your help!

  • Ecomz Support Team ecomz Staff

    Welcome Gaelle!
    Always happy to help! 😉

    Ecomz Support | All the help you need!


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