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Why can't I access my store?



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    Ecomz Help Desk ecomz Staff

    Hello! 👋
    Welcome to Ecomz Community! 😊

    No worries at all! All you have to do is clear your browser's cache as Juliana Yehya mentioned above! To do that please follow the steps below:

    1.  Open the Google Chrome Console by pressing the F12 key.
    2.  Select “Application” in the console’s top menu.
    3.  Select “Local Storage” in the console’s left menu.
    4. Right-click your site(s) and click clear to delete the local storage.
    5. Hold the Right-click for a couple of seconds on the Refresh icon then choose Empty Cache and Hard Reload.

    You can learn more about clearing your site's cache here

    Hope this helps! 😉

    Ecomz Support | All the help you need!

  • Juliana Yehya

    I faced this issue before and reached out to the support team, they guided me on how to clear browser cache and it worked like charm!


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