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How can I stop receiving new orders for the meantime?



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    Ecomz Help Desk ecomz Staff

    Hello Murielle! 👋

    Welcome to Ecomz Community! 😊

    Exactly Rayan Khalifeh! One of the options is to pause your store but no worries, your account will remain active, and you will still be able to access and work on the admin site, yet your public site will show a 404 page when users try to access it. 

    To pause your store, all you have to do is the following: 

    1. Go to My Store > Settings
    2. Scroll down till you reach "Cancel or pause your store" section
    3. Click on "Pause store"

    Another way you can do this is to disable the checkout and then add an Announcement bar or a new landing page.

    To do that please follow the steps below: 

    1. Go to My Store > Settings > Checkout
    2. Under "Cart settings" section, turn Off the "control whether or not user will be allowed to add products to the cart then proceed to checkout. this will prevent users from logging in or creating a profile" toggle.
    3. Finally click on Save!

    By doing so, your website visitors will have access to all products and details on your website, yet they will only be able to view or add products to their wishlist, but not to cart.

    Once done, you may either add an Announcement bar stating that you're store will be back soon or you can create a landing page and set it as a homepage by following the steps below:

    1. Go to My Store > Pages
    2. Click on "Create page"
    3. Add a title for the page then choose "Landing page" as the layout
    4. Click on Save
    5. Click on "Design now"
    6. Click on edit, then click on "Set as homepage"
    7. Finally click on Save

    This will change your store's homepage to a landing page that you get to customize as desired. For example, telling your website visitors that you will be back soon!

    Note: We recommend going for Disabling the checkout and adding an Announcement bar or Landing page as a new homepage option as it makes the image clear for your interested customers that you are not going anywhere, and that you'll be back soon so they can order their favorite products from your store


    Hope this helps😉

    Ecomz Support | All the help you need!

  • Rayan Khalifeh

    You can simply pause your store! 

  • Murielle Ismail

    But then will I lose any information such as products, sales, orders …? And won't this also stop me from making changes while it's paused? I want to continue working on the website look meanwhile.

  • Rayan Khalifeh

    Tbh i never tried it, so no idea..


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